Greg loves writing and has an extremely creative (and strange) mind. He has so many stories and so far has had 6 novels published. His first novel was "Horror Show". The second novel Greg wrote is "Shade of Pale". However, it's not a sequel to "Horror Show". The sequel to "Horror Show" would be his 3rd novel "Big Rock Beat" and the sequel to BRB is "Mojo Hand" Greg's 4th novel. "Rubber Soul" which is #5 for Greg, starts an entirely new adventure and is followed up by the sequel "Painted Black", Greg's 6th published novel. Carved In Rock is an anthology of short stories by several musicians. Greg was contributing editor of this collection of stories by Pete Townsend, Ray Davies, Joan Jett, Graham Parker, Kinky Friedman and more. More novels are done and coming soon, so stay tuned!